At HAIR MGT our aim is to make sure that you the consumer feel secure purchasing goods from us, therefore we provide you with the possibility to return or exchange your goods or have a refund if the product is faulty. If you wish to cancel or return your order, please notify us in writing within 14 days.  This is done using the returns form or by e-mail. You the customer are responsible for all shipping costs incurred when returning or exchanging goods as well as being responsible for any diminished value due to handling the products more than is necessary for determining the product’s character and form. If you have received an item from a campaign and you wish to return/exchange goods then the total sum of your order still needs to be greater than the required value or number of goods for receiving the campaign product. If the value/number of goods is less then you shall be debited for the campaign product that you have already received. This does not include delivery costs or free gifts.

Customers wishing to obtain a refund should please note the following: you must always return the entire product (all packages) in order for us to give you the full refund. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for costs in connection with hair attachment.


All returns must be submitted as follows:

1.Pack the product well in the same package/bag it came in. Or use your own packaging/box.

2. Write to us at [email protected].

3.Please return the completed form along with your order to HAIR MGT n11 Via Tito Livio, 20137, Milano, Italy.

4.Submit the package at the nearest Post Office. Keep the receipt.

If the wrong products have been delivered then we will refund return shipping costs. HAIR MGT will attend to your case as soon as possible.

If you paid by credit card then the money will be refunded back to the card via PayPal. If you were invoiced then this will be canceled or credited back to you. Refunds take approx. 1-5 business days.


To exchange an item, return the product according to the instructions above. Then add a new order with the items you want. These items will be sent to you as a regular order with the shipping option of your choice.

Write to us at [email protected].


Complaints must be made within a reasonable time after the product has been put into use. If your product is faulty then the entire product should be returned to us. Please attach a full description of the fault. The item is then analyzed by our warranty department who will contact you via email when the matter has been investigated.

Follow these steps:

1.Pack the items in the same package/bag it came in. Or use your own packaging/box.

2.Write to us at [email protected].

3.Include a full description of the fault.

4.Send the goods/items you wish to have refunded, and the receipt for the return shipping, to HAIR MGT, n11 Via Tito Livio, 20137, Milan, Italy. Submit the package at the nearest Post Office.

Here you can find more information about exchange, returns and/or complaints.